Grand National Rules amended
6.12 WHEELS AND TIRES Racing steel wheels of 8" maximum width. Bead locks are allowed on all wheels. Foam type, aluminum, or plastic disc mud plug allowed.. Plastic and aluminum disc mud plugs must have car number. Disc style wheel covers must have unbalancing foam installed. 1" hex steel lug nut mandatory. Studs must pass through lug nut completely. Hoosier “E‑MOD RC‑4” tires only. Approved tire sizes are 26.5-8.0×15 and 27.5-8.0×15. No grooving, siping, or softening allowed. Tire reconditioning permitted. Reconditioning to be done with 16 grit or finer fiber disc only. Metal disc prohibited. Subject to the approval or Beaver Dam officials.
Kart Schedule

The 2014 season has ended.