Racing serves a purpose...
... several important ones for that matter. It provides entertainment to many people, it provides revenue to Beaver Dam, and provides other local businesses in and around Beaver Dam with increased customer bases. But most importantly it is strengthening family bonds (generations of racers), families gathering to support their family member. Also, with the amount of young racers it provides an outlet other than drugs, spending endless hours in a bar and just plain in trouble. My husband raced for 30 years and when my son turned 14, he began racing at Beaver Dam. Because of the track and his racing, he learned responsibility, respect for others, sportsmanship, along with other very positive things. The bonds he has created, as well as my husband and I, with fellow racers, young and old, will last a lifetime. He left for the Army last August (right after his 18th birthday)- he is a very upstanding young man! He has never been in trouble, received good grades, graduated BCT in the Army at the TOP of his class. Yes, I am bragging as a mom, but as a realist - I do believe that racing, the friendships he has made at the track and the support of the track, he would not be as successful as he is. So yes, this track is important in so many ways. So I ask you to open your mind and think outside the box, ask yourself, is the noise on a Saturday such a huge issue when in all reality the benefits out weigh your selfishness and your "all about me" attitude! - Kari Kinjerski
Kart Schedule

flagsThe 2017 season has ended.