Sanctioned Dirt Legends


Bring back the “good ol’ days” with the Legend Cars, with these scaled down versions of the stock cars of yesteryear. Legends are an extremely competitive, yet affordable way to go racing.  Powered by a Yamaha 1250cc motorcycle engines, these brutes are all race car. Legend cars are a “spec” car but they are every bit a race car, complete with coil over suspension that allows a driver to tune the car to his or her liking.

Legend Cars help put the racing emphasis on car preparation, handling, and driving rather than the “let’s see who can spend the most money syndrome”. Getting the car right is much more important in Legend racing than is a big engine.  This division is featured on a weekly basis at Beaver Dam Raceway Park.  This featured division has proven to be a favorite with the racing crowd.

Along with the nostalgic look that lends itself to immediate popularity, and coupled that with the fact that this class of race car has close competitive racing, you will see why these cars have become so popular.  Take notice when the Legends enter the arena, you’ll like what you see.