Waiver must be signed before you will be allowed on track

Driver & Owner Registration Packet

Policy on Use of Social Media while on track premises

Adult Driver Insurance Waiver

Need both copies signed, must be printed in COLOR - No Folds!


Minor Insurance Waiver

These are the K&K REQUIRED procedures for minor competitors.
The 1068NS parental/minor waiver MUST be used to get a notarized signature from BOTH parents/guardians. They must be printed in color as the RED lines are critical! Do not fold or bend.

The Parental Release is an annual release. Even though there is just 1 line for a parent signature, they can sign next to each other or each can fill one out and sign separately, then attach the two. If itÂ’s just a (non-competitor) minor going in the pits with a parent for the night, one signature would suffice, however if the minor is going to come multiple times during the season, then BOTH parents need to sign, and get it notarized, same procedure as a minor competitor.

If one parent says it is impossible, and simple divorce is not a good enough reason, to get the other parent to sign a release for the minor, then have that parent write a paragraph stating why it is impossible and have it signed by that lone parent. If you are comfortable with the reason, attach the letter to that annual parental release and keep it in your file.